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verb (used without object), re·cru·desced, re·cru·desc·ing.
  1. to break out afresh, as a sore, a disease, or anything else that has been quiescent.

Origin of recrudesce

1880–85; < Latin recrūdēscere to become raw again, equivalent to re- re- + crūdēscere to grow harsh, worse (crūd(us) bloody (see crude) + -ēscere inchoative suffix)

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Historical Examples of recrudesce

  • It was noticeable that in these rambling soliloquies his English seemed to recrudesce into better construction and phraseology.

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  1. (intr) (of a disease, trouble, etc) to break out or appear again after a period of dormancy; recur
Derived Formsrecrudescence, nounrecrudescent, adjective

Word Origin for recrudesce

C19: from Latin recrūdēscere to become raw again, from re- + crūdēscere to grow worse, from crūdus bloody, raw; see crude
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Word Origin and History for recrudesce

1875, "break out afresh," back-formation from recrudescence or else from Latin recrudescere "become raw again, break open afresh." Related: Recrudesced; recrudescing.

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