Red Guards

  1. Loosely organized bands of militant communists who followed Mao Zedong in attacking conservative or bourgeois elements in China during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in the 1960s.

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Example Sentences

But despite the cruelty of the Red Guards and the highhanded behavior of the Taizhou cadres, Hu never lost faith in the party.

Another parallel from the past is the rampage of the Red Guards in China.

Similar demonstrations were held in Moscow and other cities and were similarly treated by the Red Guards.

The sailors and Red Guards attempted several times to interrupt the session.

The population, indignant, gathered in groups on the streets, but the Red Guards dispersed all assemblages.

He obeyed when the red guards pointed and motioned him into a dark passageway.

Only yesterday I saw a private of the Red Guards pay five roubles for a hair-cut.


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