[ verb ree-doo; noun ree-doo ]
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verb (used with object),re·did, re·done, re·do·ing.
  1. to do again; repeat.

  2. to revise or reconstruct: to redo the production schedule.

  1. to redecorate or remodel; renovate: It will cost too much to redo both the kitchen and bathroom.

noun,plural re·dos, re·do's.
  1. the act or an instance of redoing.

  2. something redone.

Origin of redo

First recorded in 1590–1600; re- + do1

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British Dictionary definitions for redo


/ (riːˈduː) /

verb-does, -doing, -did or -done (tr)
  1. to do over again

  2. informal to redecorate, esp thoroughly: we redid the house last summer

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