having a pleasant odor; fragrant.
odorous or smelling (usually followed by of): redolent of garlic.
suggestive; reminiscent (usually followed by of): verse redolent of Shakespeare.

Origin of redolent

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin redolent- (stem of redolēns), present participle of redolēre to emit odor, equivalent to red- red- + ol(ēre) to smell (akin to odor) + -ent- -ent
Related formsred·o·lence, red·o·len·cy, nounred·o·lent·ly, adverb

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Contemporary Examples of redolent

Historical Examples of redolent

  • The darkness was redolent of strong tobacco-smoke, the smoke of a cheroot.

  • "Copperfield" is redolent of his own early associations and experiences in London.

    Dickens' London

    Francis Miltoun

  • From it the lid had just been removed, and the room was redolent of the fragrant odour of early spring roots and herbs.

    Dead Souls

    Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol

  • After keeping them waiting for some time, Grace swept in wearing a new gown tinkling with jets and redolent with sachet.

    Talbot's Angles

    Amy E. Blanchard

  • Everywhere water-pipes are gently pouring forth their offerings to the thirsty ground, and the whole town is redolent of perfume.


    Franz von Lher

British Dictionary definitions for redolent



having a pleasant smell; fragrant
(postpositive ; foll by of or with) having the odour or smell (of); scented (with)a room redolent of country flowers
(postpositive ; foll by of or with) reminiscent or suggestive (of)a picture redolent of the 18th century
Derived Formsredolence or rare redolency, nounredolently, adverb

Word Origin for redolent

C14: from Latin redolens smelling (of), from redolēre to give off an odour, from red- re + olēre to smell
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Word Origin and History for redolent

c.1400, from Old French redolent "emitting an odor" and directly from Latin redolentem (moninative redolens), present participle of redolere "emit a scent, diffuse odor," from red-, intensive prefix (see re-), + olere "give off a smell" (see odor).

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