[ ref-uh-ren-duhm ]
/ 藢r蓻f 蓹藞r蓻n d蓹m /
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noun, plural ref路er路en路dums, ref路er路en路da [ref-uh-ren-duh]. /藢r蓻f 蓹藞r蓻n d蓹/.
the principle or practice of referring measures proposed or passed by a legislative body, head of state, etc., to the vote of the electorate for approval or rejection.Compare initiative (def. 4a).
a measure thus referred.
a vote on such a measure.
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Origin of referendum

1840鈥50; <Latin: 鈥(thing) to be referred鈥 (neuter gerundive of referre 鈥渢o bring back鈥; see refer)
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How to use referendum in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for referendum

/ (藢r蓻f蓹藞r蓻nd蓹m) /

noun plural -dums or -da (-d蓹)
submission of an issue of public importance to the direct vote of the electorate
a vote on such a measure
a poll of the members of a club, union, or other group to determine their views on some matter
a diplomatic official's note to his government requesting instructions
See also (for senses 1, 2) plebiscite

Word Origin for referendum

C19: from Latin: something to be carried back, from referre to refer
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Cultural definitions for referendum (1 of 2)

[ (ref-uh-ren-duhm) ]

A direct popular vote on an issue of public policy, such as a proposed amendment to a state constitution or a proposed law. Referendums, which allow the general population to participate in policymaking, are not used at the national level, but are common at the state and local levels. A referendum is often used to gauge popular approval or rejection of laws recently passed or under consideration by a state legislature. A referendum can also be used to initiate legislative action.

Cultural definitions for referendum (2 of 2)

[ (ref-uh-ren-duhm) ]

A vote by the general public, rather than by governmental bodies, on a bill or some other important issue; a plebiscite. (See under 鈥淎merican Politics.鈥)

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