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[ rej-uh-strahr, rej-uh-strahr ]


  1. a person who keeps a record; an official recorder.
  2. an agent of a bank, trust company, or other corporation who is responsible for certifying and registering issues of securities.
  3. an official at a school or college who maintains students' personal and academic records, issues reports of grades, mails out official publications, etc.


/ ˌrɛdʒɪˈstrɑː; ˈrɛdʒɪˌstrɑː /


  1. a person who keeps official records
  2. an administrative official responsible for student records, enrolment procedure, etc, in a school, college, or university
  3. a hospital doctor senior to a houseman but junior to a consultant, specializing in either medicine ( medical registrar ) or surgery ( surgical registrar )
  4. the chief medical administrator of a large hospital
  5. a person employed by a company to maintain a register of its security issues
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Derived Forms

  • ˈregistrarship, noun
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Other Words From

  • regis·trar·ship noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of registrar1

1350–1400; alteration ( -ar 2 ) of earlier registrary < Medieval Latin registrārius ( register, -ary ); replacing earlier registrer, Middle English registrer < Anglo-French ( Old French registreur ) < Medieval Latin registrātor, equivalent to registrā ( re ) to register + -tor -tor
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Example Sentences

It has no app on Apple or Google, but it still exists online after Epik, a domain registrar, and Cloudflare, a cloud security company, agreed to go on servicing the company.

From Fortune

The registrar is still counting votes, so some of the tighter races are too soon to call.

Somehow the registrar of voters allowed a feed of results of ballots already calculated to go live on the internet.

Check with your local registrar or do a search online for “early voting locations” and add the name of your city or county.

Ahead of the presidential election, its registrar achieved quite a feat, registering 97% of the eligible population.

From Quartz

Since then, the museum registrar has become borderline obsessive in devoting his time to stopping Landis.

A letter from the dean of the Israeli yeshivah where he'd studied eventually satisfied the rabbinate registrar.

They were seen at the Chelsea Registrar Office this week, giving notice of their upcoming nuptials.

Every registrar who will nurse back to life this important and graceful industry will earn the gratitude of India.

The complaint is not entered by the registrar as grief; but that it is.

A parish registrar must be a very important functionary in the estimation of these High Church devotees.

He rose so high in the devil's favour, that he was appointed registrar and secretary of the conventions.

Actuary, akt′ū-ar-i, n. a registrar or clerk: one who makes the calculations connected with an insurance office.