[rej-uh-strahr, rej-uh-strahr]


a person who keeps a record; an official recorder.
an agent of a bank, trust company, or other corporation who is responsible for certifying and registering issues of securities.
an official at a school or college who maintains students' personal and academic records, issues reports of grades, mails out official publications, etc.


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Origin of registrar

1350–1400; alteration (see -ar2) of earlier registrary < Medieval Latin registrārius (see register, -ary); replacing earlier registrer, Middle English registrer < Anglo-French (Old French registreur) < Medieval Latin registrātor, equivalent to registrā(re) to register + -tor -tor

Related formsreg·is·trar·ship, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for registrar



a person who keeps official records
an administrative official responsible for student records, enrolment procedure, etc, in a school, college, or university
British and NZ a hospital doctor senior to a houseman but junior to a consultant, specializing in either medicine (medical registrar) or surgery (surgical registrar)
Australian the chief medical administrator of a large hospital
mainly US a person employed by a company to maintain a register of its security issues
Derived Formsregistrarship, noun

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Word Origin and History for registrar



1670s, shortening of registrary (1540s), from Medieval Latin registrarius "one who keeps a record" (related to register (n.)). Earlier were registerer (mid-15c.), registrer (late 14c.).

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Medicine definitions for registrar


[rĕjĭ-strär′, rĕj′ĭ-strär]


An admitting officer in a hospital.

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