[ ri-gret-uh-blee ]
/ rɪˈgrɛt ə bli /
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unfortunately:Regrettably, those countries that have contributed the least to the problem are facing the gravest consequences.The student’s regrettably short attention span resulted in a series of near failures.
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Origin of regrettably

OTHER WORDS FROM regrettably

un·re·gret·ta·bly, adverb
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What does regrettably mean?

Regrettably means in a manner of regret or disappointment, as in Regrettably, I won’t be able to go to your birthday celebration.

Regrettably is most often used at the beginning of a sentence to describe how the speaker or writer feels about what follows in the rest of the sentence.

Example: I have regrettably made a choice that has ruined my evening plans.

Where does regrettably come from?

The first records of the term regrettably come from around 1853. It combines the term regrettable, meaning “causing or deserving regret,”  with ly, which makes adverbs from adjectives. Regrettable comes from the term regret, which means “remorse and sorrow in response to an event.”

Regrettably is most often used as a sentence adverb. A sentence adverb describes the entire sentence or conditions of the sentence, such as how the speaker feels about what they’re saying. When you use regrettably to modify your sentence, you’re often saying that you regret having to say what’s in your sentence.

Regrettably is often used to soften the announcement of bad news to someone or to make oneself look better when apologizing about a negative action. For example, when your parents decide they need to punish you for not cleaning your room, they might say, Regrettably, you’re grounded for a month. They are sad or disappointed about having to ground you, but they need to do it anyway.

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What are some other forms related to regrettably?

  • unregrettably (adverb)

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How is regrettably used in real life?

Regrettably is often used in formal writing or speeches about bad news.



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You would use regrettably when you’re happy about the news you have to share.

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