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[ reg-yuh-ley-ter ]


  1. a person or thing that regulates.
  2. Horology.
    1. an adjustable device in a clock or a watch for making it go faster or slower.
    2. a master clock, usually of great accuracy, against which other clocks are checked.
  3. Machinery.
    1. a governor mechanism for regulating the flow of fuel, steam, etc., to an engine in order to maintain constant speed under varying load or resistance.
    2. a valve for regulating the pressure of flowing gas or liquid to maintain a predetermined pressure.
    3. any of various mechanisms for maintaining a temperature, a level of liquid in a tank, etc.
  4. Electricity. a device for maintaining a designated characteristic, as voltage or current, at a predetermined value, or for varying it according to a predetermined plan.
  5. a device on scuba equipment for regulating the rate at which compressed air is fed through a breathing tube in proportion to the depth of water.
  6. a device for maintaining a constant gas pressure.
  7. (initial capital letter) American History.
    1. a member of any of several bands or committees in North Carolina (1767–71), formed to resist certain abuses, as extortion by officials.
    2. (in newly settled areas) a member of any band or committee organized to preserve order before the establishment of regular legal authority.


/ ˈrɛɡjʊˌleɪtə /


  1. a person or thing that regulates
  2. the mechanism, including the hairspring and the balance wheel, by which the speed of a timepiece is regulated
  3. a timepiece, known to be accurate, by which others are timed and regulated
  4. any of various mechanisms or devices, such as a governor valve, for controlling fluid flow, pressure, temperature, voltage, etc
  5. Also calledregulator gene a gene the product of which controls the synthesis of a product from another gene

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Word History and Origins

Origin of regulator1

First recorded in 1645–55; regulate + -or 2

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Example Sentences

Wall Street’s top regulators believe financial markets held up under the strain of the trading frenzy that drove shares of GameStop and other neglected companies to nosebleed-high prices last week.

It has also urged platforms to put a cap on users’ monthly spending on virtual gifts, though regulators haven’t specified or suggested a limit.

Lawmakers and regulators are considering action to curb Amazon’s alleged antitrust violations.

If I had to guess, I’d say regulators will look closely at things like “payment for order flow.”

From Vox

How all these various players exit the trade—and whether they do so at a profit—will shape whatever response regulators may offer to the situation.

From Quartz

The state insurance regulator does not have claims data for 2011 and 2012.

The station is already serving two five-year license probations after serious breaches of the Australian regulator's code.

The station 2Day FM is already serving two five-year license probations after serious breaches of the Australian regulator's code.

He did, in some lawyerly detail, suggesting the body should be “constituted in law” but not a statutory regulator.

A rare competent regulator describes policy battles with the Obama administration in her new book.

He insisted on taking back the watch, which ever after he used as a regulator.

If it does, maybe we can get the cap and the regulator on the top.

The regulator stood in the open door, looking out upon the great sheets of water that were falling from the clouds.

"With the regulator armed and equipped, the enemy will flee without taking order as to its line of march," thought the old man.

The regulator magnet is so formed as to give a uniform attraction upon its armature in different positions.


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