[ reg-yuh-luh-tawr-ee ]
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  1. of or relating to the control or direction of an activity by a set of rules, laws, etc.:The Coast Guard is to be commended for this current regulatory effort, as their proposed restriction addresses many concerns of the seafaring community.

  2. of or relating to the adjustment of a device, system, or organic function so as to meet a standard or the requirements of good operation:Earth's climate is a highly complex system with its own regulatory mechanisms.

Origin of regulatory

  • Sometimes reg·u·la·tive [reg-yuh-ley-tiv, -yuh-luh-tiv] /ˈrɛg yəˌleɪ tɪv, -yə lə tɪv/ .

Other words from regulatory

  • an·ti·reg·u·la·to·ry, adjective
  • non·reg·u·la·to·ry, adjective
  • un·reg·u·la·to·ry, adjective

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