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[ ree-hab ]


  1. rehabilitation, especially a program or facility for treating persons addicted to drugs or alcohol or recovering from certain medical conditions:

    He's been sober since coming out of rehab.

    She checked into rehab after suffering a stroke.

  2. a rehabilitated building.


  1. of or relating to rehabilitation:

    funds for new rehab projects in the city.

verb (used with object)

, re·habbed, re·hab·bing.


/ ˈriːhæb /


  1. short for rehabilitation
  2. treatment for drink or drug addiction
  3. informal.

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Other Words From

  • re·hab·ber noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of rehab1

By shortening

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Example Sentences

Chefs and restaurateurs at the top of the kitchen hierarchy could invest in learning emotional management, going to rehab if needed, or deciding to be a different kind of boss.

From Eater

The hospital got ready to send him to a skilled nursing home for rehab to get back on his feet – a drill he’d been through multiple times before.

Smith threw at practice Wednesday, Rivera said, but the quarterback also admitted the short week makes his rehab timeline tougher.

Following a hard rehab regime, he said he feels “much, much better” than he did six months ago.

Injured two days before Thanksgiving, Stanberry spent that holiday, as well as Christmas, New Year’s and her birthday in the hospital, followed by weeks of rehab.

He called a wildlife rehab person at the community college to whom he had taken birds other than eagles in the past.

From 1992 and 2007, the number of middle-aged women who checked into rehab nearly tripled.

Despite the fact she apologized and went to rehab, she lost nearly all of her contracts.

Just shy of one year after checking out of a rehab facility, it seemed like Amanda Bynes was doing well.

Before he played, his wife, Sharon contacted Simon and told him that her husband was recently out of rehab.

Then, to the Engineer, "Do you know how they rehab a planet that's been leveled flat by the golop?"

The reported broadcast was, of course, an interception of the two-way talk from the Rehab Shop.

No work was being done on the rehab, then, and the Liberty Belle would be sitting at her dock.

I let go of her hand and ran down an abbreviated version of the rehab plans, leaving out anything about Debra and her ad-hocs.

The Rehab Shop was equipped not only to recondition machines but to test them.


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