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[ ri-jek-shuhn ]


  1. the act or process of rejecting.

    Synonyms: elimination, dismissal, refusal

  2. the state of being rejected.

    Synonyms: elimination, dismissal, refusal

  3. something that is rejected.


  1. A process in which the immune system of a body attacks an organ or tissue, either its own or tissue transplanted into it from another organism. ( See xenotransplantation .)

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Rejection is the most serious problem faced in surgery involving organ transplants. Drugs are used to suppress the immune system after organ transplant in order to prevent the rejection of and eventual death of the transplanted tissue.

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Other Words From

  • nonre·jection noun
  • prere·jection noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of rejection1

First recorded in 1545–55; from Latin rējectiōn-, stem of rējectiō “a throwing back”; equivalent to reject + -ion

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Example Sentences

This comes after very public complaints from Microsoft regarding xCloud’s rejection from the App Store, which Apple denied because its App Store rules fundamentally did not allow game-streaming platforms on it.

The error was compounded by the botched early rollout of testing kits and rejection of tests manufactured in other countries.

It must’ve been a combo of getting used to rejection but then also not taking it as rejection.

From Ozy

This kind of affect-laden, motivated thinking explains a wide range of examples of an extreme, evidence-resistant rejection of historical fact and scientific consensus.

Since its last rejection, that request has gotten even harder for a project that’s been kicking around for 15 years.

Yet, what my peers do not realize – or cannot handle – is that rejection is a necessary part of forging a romantic relationships.

Kanye refuses to stomach any rejection, no matter how upper crust.

And the rejection of that belief is the basic reason a person is a Republican.

“We opened the Toronto Film Festival with The Fifth Estate, and there was an immediate rejection of it,” he says.

To be sure, the election was not an embrace of the GOP platform, but it was a wholesale rejection of Barack Obama.

A little inquiry by the officers showed that the trouble originated in the rejection of the bills by the railroad.

The rejection of the reform bill produced an extraordinary sensation throughout the country.

The rejection of' his motion irritated the already inflamed minds of the Chartists.

Soon after its ignominious rejection the gout laid hold on Chatham, and he did not appear in parliament again for two years.

North gave way and, in obedience to instructions, Harcourt procured the rejection of the bill.


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