[ ree-kin-dl ]
/ riˈkɪn dl /

verb (used with object), re·kin·dled, re·kin·dling.

to excite, stir up, or rouse anew: efforts to rekindle their romance; comments that rekindled her anger.
to cause to begin burning again; ignite again: Never use gasoline to rekindle a fire.

verb (used without object), re·kin·dled, re·kin·dling.

to begin to burn again; ignite again: She is worried about a fire rekindling.


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British Dictionary definitions for rekindle


/ (riːˈkɪndəl) /


to arouse or cause to be aroused againrekindle the romance in your relationship
to set alight or start to burn again
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Word Origin and History for rekindle



1590s, from re- "back, again" + kindle (v.). Figurative use from 1650s. Related: Rekindled; rekindling.

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