[ rekt ]
/ rɛkt /
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adjective Slang.
wrecked, messed up, drunk, or high: What even happened last night—I was so rekt!
soundly or completely defeated; dominated: Two players disconnected, and my multiplayer team was rekt before the match even started.Your argument got rekt, man!
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Origin of rekt

First recorded in 2010–15; phonetic spelling of wrecked
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What does rekt mean?

Rekt means “wrecked,” that is “utterly destroyed” or “wasted.” This slang term is often used to refer to someone who has been soundly defeated. It is also used to refer to someone who is extremely drunk or high.

Where does rekt come from?

Rekt is a phonetic spelling of wrecked. It’s first recorded around 2010–15. 

Something that has been rekt has been damaged or destroyed, such as a person who has been dominated in a video game—or someone has become very drunk or high. Compare wasted, annihilated, obliterated, trashed, and other such “destructive” metaphors for drunkenness.

How is rekt used in real life?

The phrase prepare to get rekt, or prepare to lose, can be issued as a challenge by someone before engaging in a competition, typically in a video game battle.

A partier saying they are going to get rekt means they are going to party hard and get quite intoxicated. In that sense, getting rekt is similar to getting turnt or lit.

More examples of rekt:

“Study claims Bitcoin energy consumption is exploding — leaving us totally rekt”
—@mashable, May 2018


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