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[ ren-derd ]


  1. represented visually or interpreted by performance or execution, as in art, music, or acting:

    This lovingly rendered production of Oklahoma! breathes new life into a show that's a natural for the outdoor setting.

  2. translated into another language:

    Here is a freely rendered English translation from the original Rabbinic-style Hebrew.

  3. (of the components of an image or animation) synthesized in a final graphic output using computer hardware and software:

    The app’s beautifully rendered 3D buildings and landmarks make it even easier for pedestrians to find their destination.

  4. offered, provided, or given as due; performed, as a service:

    What, precisely, did they get from him in return for all their lavishly rendered favors?

    If engineering fees are too low, the rendered fees cannot cover operating costs such as transportation, staff wages, and office rental.

  5. formally or officially delivered:

    The rendered decisions are based on the documents and information provided to the Compliance Officer via the online submission form.

  6. melted down; purified by melting:

    Brown the chicken in the rendered sausage fat over medium-high heat and then transfer to the bowl with the cooked sausage.

  7. processed for industrial use:

    The livestock waste is converted into rendered products via processes that typically use significant amounts of energy.

  8. Building Trades. (of masonry) covered with a coat of plaster:

    The finish on any buildings in the Village should be of a high-quality red brick; any rendered finishes should be rejected as unsuitable.

  9. (of a suspected criminal) sent abroad to be interrogated or detained; subjected to rendition:

    Under both the Torture Convention and U.S. law, rendition is strictly prohibited if the rendered person would be subjected to torture.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of render 1.

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  • un·ren·dered adjective
  • well-ren·dered adjective

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Example Sentences

Chef Rebecca Masson of Fluff Bake Bar in Houston takes a decidedly Texan approach to caramel candies, swapping out the traditional butter with rendered smoked brisket fat sourced from her neighbors, the legendary Houston barbecue joint Feges BBQ.

It was the first awkward step into a fully-realized three-dimensional environment, moving away from the gargoyle-like pre-rendered backgrounds of the earlier games.

Players can also expect updated shaders and VFX, as well as enhanced, pre-rendered cinematics for story moments.

There are a number of additional views, including a terrain mode that gives you a kind of top-down rendered view of the robot.

This means that Googlebot and users have been served a pre-rendered version of the page.

He was prescribed a course of hormone pills that caused him to grow breasts and rendered him impotent.

One expects that an ecstatically rendered sex scene would follow, but their first night together is only tacitly referenced.

Even the most mundane experiences seem extraordinary when lovingly rendered by Kalman.

Richardson placed the small, black and white image next to Le Repos, a large-scale painting of Olga rendered in 1932.

The sentiment expressed, however, could have been far more explicitly rendered in the show.

In the darkness and confusion I did not distinguish the face of the man who rendered me this assistance.

With this company he had rendered valiant service in the campaign which ended with the battle of Pea Ridge.

It did not in any way affect prices or wages, which were rendered neither greater nor less thereby.

The gaieties of the season had, if possible, rendered Georgie's beauty still more perfect.

He spent his time in the old nursery looking at the broken toys, for all of which account must be rendered to Mamma.


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