[ noun ri-past, -pahst, ree-past, -pahst; verb ri-past, -pahst ]
/ noun rɪˈpæst, -ˈpɑst, ˈri pæst, -pɑst; verb rɪˈpæst, -ˈpɑst /
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a quantity of food taken or provided for one occasion of eating: to eat a light repast.
a meal: the evening repast.
the time during which a meal is eaten; mealtime.
Archaic. the taking of food, as at a meal.
Obsolete. food.
verb (used without object)
to eat or feast (often followed by on or upon).
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Origin of repast

1300–50; Middle English (noun) <Old French, derivative (compare past<Latin pāstus fodder) of repaistre to eat a meal <Late Latin repāscere to feed regularly, equivalent to Latin re-re- + pāscere to feed (cf. pasture)
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How to use repast in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for repast

/ (rɪˈpɑːst) /

a meal or the food provided at a meala light repast
  1. food in general; nourishment
  2. the act of taking food or refreshment
(intr) archaic to feed (on)

Word Origin for repast

C14: from Old French, from repaistre to feed, from Late Latin repāscere to nourish again, from Latin re- + pāscere to feed, pasture (of animals)
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