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[ ri-pee-tid ]


  1. done, made, or said again and again:

    repeated attempts.


/ rɪˈpiːtɪd /


  1. done, made, or said again and again; continual or incessant

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Derived Forms

  • reˈpeatedly, adverb
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Other Words From

  • re·peat·ed·ly adverb
  • non·re·peat·ed adjective
  • un·re·peat·ed adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of repeated1

First recorded in 1605–15; repeat + -ed 2
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Example Sentences

Task & Purpose made repeated and detailed inquiries to base officials and Navy personnel named in this report.

Despite repeated and lengthy attempts to communicate with Washington, the company has failed to make meaningful contact with US officials, according to people familiar with the effort.

So, cooperation should not evolve in a prisoner’s dilemma unless there’s some special conditions, like an opportunity for repeated interaction or relatedness between the players.

Two scientists at the University of Milan, in Italy, knew their kids would fight repeated testing that way.

We know they were flexible, adaptable survivors who weathered repeated and extreme climate change.

From Time

In a bit of foreshadowing, he repeated that opinion in November.

In an email exchange a friend said many had repeated this same succinct review but they could never elaborate.

In 1957, the islands came under repeated shelling by Mainland--or as it was then called, “Red”-- China.

They repeated that several times and before the procession moved on.

Abu Faour declined repeated requests to comment for this article.

The blood that accused his friend in his heart, rushed to his face, when he repeated what had been told him.

They held the compound against repeated assaults, and lost several men in hand-to-hand fighting.

Frantic applause, several times repeated, which drowned the voice of the orator.

She embraced Otteline; and gave him her hand to kiss, with repeated expressions of future confidence in the husband of her friend.

And in his heart the name of the poem repeated itself with significant insistence: Unwelcome!


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