or re·pe·ti·teur

[ rey-pey-ti-tur; French rey-pey-tee-tœr ]

noun,plural ré·pé·ti·teurs, re·pe·ti·teurs [rey-pey-ti-turz; French rey-pey-tee-tœr]. /ˌreɪ peɪ tɪˈtɜrz; French reɪ peɪ tiˈtœr/.
  1. a vocal coach of an opera singer or chorus.

  2. a coach of a ballet dancer or corps: As répétiteur, she has staged the works of Ailey and Taylor.

Origin of répétiteur

First recorded in 1835–40; from French: “tutor, coach,” from Latin repetīt(us) (past participle of repetere to repeat) + French -eur-eur

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British Dictionary definitions for répétiteur


/ French (repetitœr) /

  1. a member of an opera company who accompanies rehearsals on the piano and coaches the singers

Derived forms of répétiteur

  • rptiteuse (repetitøz), fem n

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