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[ rez-i-duhn-see ]


, plural res·i·den·cies.
  1. the position or tenure of a medical resident.
  2. (formerly) the official residence of a representative of the British governor general at an Indian court.
  3. (formerly) an administrative division of the Dutch East Indies.


/ ˈrɛzɪdənsɪ /


  1. a variant of residence
  2. a regular series of concerts by a band or singer at one venue
  3. the period, following internship, during which a physician undergoes further clinical training, usually in one medical speciality
  4. (in India, formerly) the official house of the governor general at the court of a native prince

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Word History and Origins

Origin of residency1

First recorded in 1570–80; resid(ent) + -ency

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Example Sentences

So were parts of the fourth-year board exam Reynolds expected to take and the option to participate in an out-of-state clerkship — crucial opportunities students are typically afforded before applying for post-graduate residency programs.

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Under the new guidelines, people must bring proof of residency or information that shows they work in Prince George’s to make their inoculation appointment.

While previously only immigrants with Social Security numbers who met specific residency requirements could receive stimulus funds, lawsuits and Congressional action led to changes.

Fiorica said he anonymously donated sperm years earlier during his medical residency training, in response to a call for healthy volunteers.

The Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board denied the couple’s application to have Pinder acknowledged as a “spouse of a permanent residency holder” on grounds the Cayman Islands’ Constitution defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

Fortunately I found a lawyer who helped me apply for my residency under the Violence Against Women Act.

The Cuomo campaign had challenged her residency in the state, but the case had been dismissed.

However, Vladimir Putin has stepped it up and is giving us the opportunity to coin a new phrase connoting residency in crazy town.

Did I receive more training during residency than the NPs in my office did during their training?

There was no class in medical school, no rounds during my residency or fellowship.

I would gladly avail myself of your offer, but the Residency will be invested in less than an hour.

It was out of the question that he should return to the Residency before he began his self-imposed mission.

The few who escaped our swords are penned up in the Residency, and its walls are now crumbling before our guns.

From the roof of the residency Carver studied Bulungan town through field-glasses.

Foeren was too blunt and straightforward for that; he had remained at the Residency level.


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