resounding or echoing, as sounds: the resonant thundering of cannons being fired.
deep and full of resonance: a resonant voice.
pertaining to resonance.
producing resonance; causing amplification or sustention of sound.
pertaining to a system in a state of resonance, especially with respect to sound.


Phonetics. a vowel or a voiced consonant or semivowel that is neither a stop nor an affricate, as, in English, (m, ng, n, l, r, y, w).

Origin of resonant

1585–95; < Latin resonant- (stem of resonāns), present participle of resonāre to resound; see -ant
Related formsres·o·nant·ly, adverbhy·per·res·o·nant, adjectivehy·per·res·o·nant·ly, adverbnon·res·o·nant, adjectivenon·res·o·nant·ly, adverbun·res·o·nant, adjectiveun·res·o·nant·ly, adverb

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Historical Examples of resonant

  • The sound of the gong, seconded by the electrifying and resonant "Aboard!"

  • Thayer broke the silence which followed, and his accent was resonant again.

    The Dominant Strain

    Anna Chapin Ray

  • Look at their beloved bellies, so smooth, so elastic, so resonant!


    James Huneker

  • These were the glory of her countenance, these and her resonant black hair.


    James Huneker

  • "It shall be heard, then," said a voice: a voice inexplicable; resonant; divine.

    The Genius

    Margaret Horton Potter

British Dictionary definitions for resonant



(of sound) resounding or re-echoing
producing or enhancing resonance, as by sympathetic vibration
characterized by resonance
Derived Formsresonantly, adverb
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Word Origin and History for resonant

1590s, from Latin resonantem (nominative resonans), present participle of resonare (see resonance).

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