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[ ri-spekt-fuhl ]


  1. full of, characterized by, or showing politeness or deference:

    a respectful reply.

    Synonyms: deferential, civil, decorous, polite, courteous

    Antonyms: disrespectful, discourteous


/ rɪˈspɛktfʊl /


  1. full of, showing, or giving respect
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Derived Forms

  • reˈspectfully, adverb
  • reˈspectfulness, noun
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Other Words From

  • re·spectful·ly adverb
  • re·spectful·ness noun
  • quasi-re·spectful adjective
  • quasi-re·spectful·ly adverb
  • unre·spectful adjective
  • unre·spectful·ly adverb
  • unre·spectful·ness noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of respectful1

First recorded in 1590–1600; respect + -ful
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Example Sentences

Every neighbor on Nextdoor has a responsibility to act in accordance to those guidelines, and participate in conversations that are civil and respectful.

Meanwhile, when a happy customer takes the time to leave a positive review, make the respectful gesture of thanking them in return.

We need people to be respectful to all users of our streets.

I like the sense that, when we’re in the water, we are respectful of the ocean and each other, together but apart.

“We are here to build a team that is empathetic, respectful, and open to being challenged,” Chopra said in a statement on Twitter.

What I appreciate is, they are respectful of the democratic process.

Schieffer, by contrast, was more magnanimous and respectful.

If you think of yourself as more than a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal, you can stand up and be respectful.

Ibrahim made clear to Deputy Dennis Meyer that his daughter was a respectful and dutiful girl of Sudanese extraction.

Does it become romantic because of the need for power, or does it always stay at a respectful distance?

Louis stood firm, though pale and respectful, before the resentful gaze of Elizabeth.

When the crowd saw who he was the argument desisted forthwith, the crowd became quiet and respectful, moreover expectant.

Parr was an arrogant old coxcomb, who abused the respectful kindness he received, and took his pipe into drawing-rooms.

The Sergeant stared at him hard, saw that both he and his friend wore evening dress, and grew proportionately respectful.

Aristide made the most respectful love in the world to Betty Errington, because he could not help himself.