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[ ri-spon-suh-bil-i-teez ]


  1. the plural of responsibility.

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How to do business in Georgia has become the latest flashpoint for the ongoing discussion in political circles about just what responsibilities corporations have in shaping the public debate.

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The information was sent over to SDSU’s Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities.

The court papers are sealed, but the couple has made it clear they want to be relieved of their parental responsibilities.

In fact, I publicly vowed to abstain from The Ball in 2012, but professional responsibilities and curiosity got the better of me.

Leaders with political and intellectual responsibilities conjured up those evils, and the results are on their hands.

That made the jurors stop and think, ‘if Judge Cox is taking this stand, we’d better meet our responsibilities as well.

The responsibilities of raising children often seem very daunting.

Perhaps it was as well that she allowed such responsibilities to slip past her like water running off the feathers of a duck.

The responsibilities of each individual soul are happily not dependent upon unusual helps and extraordinary opportunities.

Thus womanhood dawned for her, and its great responsibilities frightened her.

As such they came under a series of responsibilities based upon ideas diametrically opposed to those of the Poor Law.

I will give what time I can to the children, but I cannot give up all my present responsibilities and occupations.





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