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[ ree-stok ]

verb (used with or without object)

  1. to stock again; replenish.


/ riːˈstɒk /


  1. to replenish stores or supplies
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Word History and Origins

Origin of restock1

First recorded in 1670–80; re- + stock
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Example Sentences

Given Harden’s ugly recent behavior, Houston did reasonably well to restock its draft asset stockpile.

Felixstowe, Britain’s biggest container port, has been suffering delays and snarl ups of its own amid a surge in volumes from restocking before Christmas and the Brexit deadline.

From Fortune

Though the tampons in the men’s room were restocked, many BKB employees said the incident signaled that the company’s commitment to social causes had less to do with core values than it did with advancing the bottom line.

Out of the blue, nordic gear is flying off shelves faster than shops can restock it.

Now we’re having a hard time restocking the store and getting our inventory back up because of all of the sales that we’ve done.

From Vox

Tha returned to Thailand to restock on medicine, and the Free Burma Rangers were born.

It was time to restock and reload, time for a new brand of evil-doer.

Those who pass go on to restock the 2,500-man rotation of active-duty SEALs.

But alas, not even an ark arrived, and it took Paris many years to restock the garden.

The most important consideration is, of course, to leave enough seed trees to restock the cut-over area.

They took our herd and said to us: 'We shall carry you to the burg of our count to restock his domain with slaves and cattle.'

And now he steered for the heart of India, for Delhi, in fact, where he proposed to restock his larders.

He's goin' to restock my place an' give me a chance to get on my feet.