[ ruh-van-chist, -vahn-shist ]
/ rəˈvæn tʃɪst, -ˈvɑ̃ ʃɪst /


an advocate or supporter of a political policy of revanche, especially in order to seek vengeance for a previous military defeat.


of or relating to a political policy of revanche.
of or relating to revanchists or revanchism.

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Origin of revanchist

1925–30; < French revanchiste; see revanche, -ist

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"a German seeking to avenge Germany's defeat in World War I and recover lost territory," 1926 (on model of French revanchiste, used in reference to those seeking to reverse the results of the defeat of France by Prussia in 1871), from revanche "revenge, requital," especially in reference to a national policy seeking return of lost territory, from French revanche "revenge," from Middle French revenche, back-formation from revenchier (see revenge (v.)). Related: Revanchism (1954).

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