[ rahy-zuh-pod ]

  1. any of numerous protozoa of the widespread subphylum (or superclass) Rhizopoda, characterized by a pseudopod and comprising most members of the phylum Sarcodina, including the amebas and foraminifers.

Origin of rhizopod

First recorded in 1850–55, rhizopod is from the New Latin word Rhizopoda name of the superclass. See rhizo-, -pod

Other words from rhizopod

  • rhi·zop·o·dan [rahy-zop-uh-dn], /raɪˈzɒp ə dn/, adjective, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for rhizopod


/ (ˈraɪzəʊˌpɒd) /

  1. any protozoan of the phylum Rhizopoda, characterized by naked protoplasmic processes (pseudopodia). The group includes the amoebas

  1. of, relating to, or belonging to the Rhizopoda

Derived forms of rhizopod

  • rhizopodan (raɪˈzɒpədən), adjective, noun
  • rhizopodous, adjective

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Scientific definitions for rhizopod


[ zə-pŏd′ ]

  1. Any of various protozoans of the group Rhizopoda, characteristically moving and taking in food by means of pseudopods. Rhizopods include amoebas and radiolarians.

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