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  1. a person or thing that rips.
  2. Also ripper bill, ripper act. a legislative bill or act for taking powers of appointment to and removal from office away from the usual holders of these powers and conferring them unrestrictedly on a chief executive, as a governor or mayor, or on a board of officials.
  3. a double-ripper.
  4. a killer who dispatches and often mutilates victims with a knife or similar weapon.
  5. Mining. a hooklike tool, attached to earth-moving machinery, for tearing away ore, rock, etc.
  6. Chiefly British Slang. something especially strong, fine, or good of its kind.

Origin of ripper

First recorded in 1605–15; rip1 + -er1 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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  • Bob Pillin saw her white round throat, and thought: 'She is a ripper!'

    Five Tales

    John Galsworthy

  • Is it so lovely really, that Aunt Dodo has settled to marry the Ripper?

    Dodo's Daughter

    E. F. Benson

  • "Jack Chesterford, because he is such a ripper," said Nadine.

    Dodo's Daughter

    E. F. Benson

  • In the parlance of the Lieutenant, the old horse was indeed "a ripper."

  • Its a ripper, the gramophone, I mean, like some other people I am thinking of!

British Dictionary definitions for ripper


  1. a person who rips
  2. a murderer who dissects or mutilates his victims' bodies
  3. informal, mainly Australian and NZ a fine or excellent person or thing
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Word Origin and History for ripper

1610s, agent noun from rip (v.). Meaning "killer who mutilates his victims" (1890) is from Jack the Ripper, notorious London murderer, whose nickname contains a pun on ripper in sense of "tool for ripping" old slates, etc. (1823) and the slang meaning "excellent person or thing, a 'ripping' fellow" (1838), from ripping "excellent, splendid."

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