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    get a rise out of, Informal.
    1. to provoke, as to action or anger.
    2. to evoke the expected or desired response from.
    give rise to, to originate; produce; cause: The Industrial Revolution gave rise to accelerated urbanization.

Origin of rise

before 1000; Middle English risen (v.), Old English rīsan; cognate with Dutch rijzen, Old High German rīsan, Gothic reisan; akin to raise, rear2

Related formshalf-rise, nounre·rise, verb, re·rose, re·ris·en, re·ris·ing.un·ris·en, adjective

Can be confusedraise rise (see usage note at raise)

Usage note

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British Dictionary definitions for risen


/ (ˈrɪzən) /


the past participle of rise


restored from death; ascended into glorythe risen Christ


/ (raɪz) /

verb rises, rising, rose (rəʊz) or risen (ˈrɪzən) (mainly intr)


Word Origin for rise

Old English rīsan; related to Old Saxon rīsan, Gothic reisan

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Idioms and Phrases with risen


In addition to the idioms beginning with rise

  • rise and shine
  • rise from the ashes
  • rise in the world
  • rise through the ranks
  • rise to the bait
  • rise to the occasion

also see:

  • come up (rise in the world)
  • get a rise out of
  • give birth (rise) to
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