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/ ˈrɪzən /


  1. the past participle of rise


  1. restored from death; ascended into glory

    the risen Christ

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Example Sentences

Since then, the rising gap between the rich and middle- and lower-income families has risen to the fore.

Just downtown shone the Freedom Tower, which has risen where the World Trade Center came down in the 9/11 attacks.

And why has tuition risen so sharply at public universities?

He says attacks against women have risen, and the migrants and refugees have made people too scared to leave their homes at night.

Now, according to a recent World Food Program report (PDF), the estimate has risen to a worst-case scenario of 5.7 million.

The extent to which the man was lowered and lost in the risen Lord is especially revealed in the fourth Gospel.

The wave of religious fanaticism sweeping over the land might recede as rapidly as it had risen.

The eyes of the huge brute opened instantly, and he had half risen before the loud report of the gun rang through the thicket.

The sun had risen, when the equipage that contained Louis de Montemar, ascended the mountainous heights of the Guadarama.

He saw that Marius had disappeared, and that mademoiselle had risen and was regarding him with singularly imploring eyes.





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