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[ rawlf, rolf ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to massage using the techniques of Rolfing.



[ rolf ]


  1. Also called Rolf the Ganger [gang, -er]. Rollo ( def 1 ).
  2. a male given name: from Scandinavian words meaning “glory” and “wolf.”



[ rolf ]

verb (used without object)

, Slang.
  1. to vomit.


/ rɒlf /


  1. other names for Rollo
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Other Words From

  • Rolfer noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of Rolf1

1965–70; after Ida P. Rolf (1897–1979), U.S. physiotherapist who invented the techniques

Origin of Rolf2

1970–75, Americanism; apparently variant of ralph
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Example Sentences

“The county reasonably relied on Rolf’s misrepresentations, thus delaying its discovery of defendants’ illegal and fraudulent conduct,” attorneys wrote.

I just don’t feel like Rolf should have to spend another day in prison.

Viktor and Rolf were definitely giving a nod to prep girls, allowed to have a designer Friday.

For their much-anticipated return to couture, Viktor & Rolf went zen.

Designers Victor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren had the opposite problem.

“Rolf went way off the reservation with that one,” says this former executive, who is familiar with Stringer's thinking.

There he met his 12-year-old son Rolf; Mengele was introduced as “Uncle Fritz.”

Rolf thought he saw tears in the corners of the little man's eyes.

Rolf shot his arm across the desk and grasped the surgeon by the throat.

A swift poke in the ribs would break him in half, Rolf thought.

"I guess that's definite, then," Rolf said, slumping a little in disappointment.

Rolf wondered how they told each other apart when they all looked alike.


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