or Ro·ma·noff

[roh-muh-nawf, -nof, roh-mah-nuh f; Russian ruh-mah-nuh f]
  1. a member of the imperial dynasty of Russia that ruled from 1613 to 1917.
  2. Mi·kha·il Feo·do·ro·vich [myi-khuh-yeel fyaw-duh-ruh-vyich] /myɪ xʌˈyil ˈfyɔ də rə vyɪtʃ/, 1596–1645, emperor of Russia 1613–45: first ruler of the house of Romanov. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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  • For no throne was less secure than the throne of the Romanovs.

  • They are now the quarry of the Russian Tsar, and only the Romanovs and their guests possess the privilege of hunting them down.

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  1. any member of the Russian imperial dynasty that ruled from the crowning (1613) of Mikhail Fyodorovich to the abdication (1917) of Nicholas II during the February Revolution
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[(roh-muh-nawfs, roh-mah-nuhfs)]

The family that ruled Russia from the seventeenth century until the Russian Revolution. Empress Catherine the Great and Czar Peter the Great were Romanovs.

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