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[ adjective round-uh-bout, round-uh-bout; noun round-uh-bout ]


  1. circuitous or indirect, as a road, journey, method, statement or person.

    Synonyms: tortuous, rambling

  2. (of clothing) cut circularly at the bottom; having no tails, train, or the like.


  1. a short, close-fitting coat or jacket worn by men or boys, especially in the 19th century.
  2. British. a merry-go-round.
  3. a circuitous or indirect road, method, etc.
  4. Chiefly British. traffic circle.


/ ˈraʊndəˌbaʊt /


  1. a revolving circular platform provided with wooden animals, seats, etc, on which people ride for amusement; merry-go-round
  2. a road junction in which traffic streams circulate around a central island US and Canadian nametraffic circle
  3. an informal name for boring mill


  1. indirect or circuitous; devious


  1. on all sides

    spectators standing round about

  2. approximately

    at round about 5 o'clock

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Word History and Origins

Origin of roundabout1

1525–35; round 1 (adv.) + about

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Example Sentences

Drivers approaching the town must slow from 45 mph to 25 mph before entering the first roundabout on the edge of town.

The refugee took a roundabout journey across Europe from Poland to asylum.

That’s a roundabout way of saying that Joe Penna’s Stowaway—set aboard a ship that was designed for three people and, it turns out, must accommodate four—is a little boring.

From Time

Pagels, 29, tweeted that he “had to bike through a roundabout over a highway to get my Covid jab.”

A roundabout, if you don’t know, is a small, circular traffic intersection, typically with one lane.

I saw two bodies on the center island of a traffic roundabout last week—they were still there two hours later.

It would be an awfully complicated and roundabout way of garnering Heisman goodwill.

As rebel cars circled a roundabout, Shabiha gunmen opened fire.

The people in the Pearl Roundabout were not deterred by lack of international solidarity.

I have no idea what's next," said activist Nadine Wahab, as she stood in the roundabout, called the "medan.

But this is an ancient and roundabout process, and may, as it sometimes has done, terminate in failure.

Suppose we go first to the market, and then in a roundabout way to the Botanical Gardens.

"It does seem rather a roundabout way of rejoining," Terence said, with a smile.

"Well, I've agreed to stand for Harsh," said Nick with a roundabout transition.

For the moment a Sabbath calm hung over the wrecked town and over the country roundabout; all was as peaceful as a Quaker meeting.





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