[ roun-dl ]

  1. something round or circular.

  2. a small, round pane or window.

  1. a decorative plate, panel, tablet, or the like, round in form.

  2. Also rondel. Theater. a round piece of colored gelatin or glass placed over stage lights as a color medium to obtain lighting effects.

  3. Armor.

    • a metal disk that protects the armpit.

    • a metal disk on a hafted weapon or a dagger to protect the hand.

  4. Heraldry. a small circular charge.

  5. Prosody.

    • a rondel or rondeau.

    • a modification of the rondeau, consisting of nine lines with two refrains.

  6. a round dance.

Origin of roundel

1250–1300; Middle English roundele, rundel(le) <Old French rondel, derivative of rondround1 (adj.)

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British Dictionary definitions for roundel


/ (ˈraʊndəl) /

  1. a form of rondeau consisting of three stanzas each of three lines with a refrain after the first and the third

  2. a circular identifying mark in national colours on military aircraft

  1. a small ornamental circular window, panel, medallion, plate, disc, etc

  2. a round plate of armour used to protect the armpit

  3. heraldry a charge in the shape of a circle

  4. another word for roundelay (def. 1)

Origin of roundel

C13: from Old French rondel a little circle; see rondel

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