running dog

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  1. Disparaging. (especially in Chinese Communist propaganda)

    • a person or institution subservient to counterrevolutionary interests.

    • a manipulable, servile follower; lackey: to be reviled as a running dog of the colonialists.

  2. Architecture. Vitruvian scroll.

Origin of running dog

1925–30; in political sense, translation of Chinese zǒugǒu

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How to use running dog in a sentence

  • The shepherd had just sent the collie to fetch them up, and the running dog was like a yellow streak across the green.

    The Angel of Pain | E. F. Benson
  • "running dog is coming to tell us about something big," they cried.

    The War Trail | Elmer Russell Gregor
  • "Listen, my brothers, I will tell you about it," said running dog.

    The War Trail | Elmer Russell Gregor
  • running dog was interrupted by the sound of a familiar voice from the darkness.

    The War Trail | Elmer Russell Gregor
  • "Yes, we heard his call, but he did not make it," running dog told him.

    The War Trail | Elmer Russell Gregor