[ seyj-lee ]
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  1. with a knowing or thoughtful expression; in a way that suggests careful reflection: By way of response, my father only puffed on his pipe and nodded sagely.

  2. in a wise or judicious way; insightfully: As someone has sagely pointed out, today's idiot will be tomorrow's beacon of truth.

  1. Rare. wise or judicious; insightful: A lot of people think that, like a sagely seaman who acquires wisdom and whiskers as his years trickle away on the sea, all traditions gain value as they age.

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How to use sagely in a sentence

  • Prick the bladder with a needle every so often,” she advises sagely, “to keep it from exploding.

  • "It's curious how attached one gets to a dog," said Perry sagely, resuming his rocking from heel to toe and toe to heel.

  • I would back the intelligence against the accomplishments any day, said Hester, sagely.

    Those Dale Girls | Frank Weston Carruth
  • "Well, you'd better look out you don't get landed yourself," said Mollie sagely.

  • "Some one ought to give Mr. Kerry the tip to get out and not give evidence," remarked Sibley sagely.

  • It fully explained his eccentricities, John reflected sagely, as he mixed himself a grog.

    Tales and Fantasies | Robert Louis Stevenson