[ sal-kou ]
/ ˈsæl kaʊ /
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noun Ice Skating.
a jump in which the skater leaps from the back inside edge of one skate, making one full rotation of the body in the air, and lands on the back outside edge of the other skate.
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Origin of Salchow

1920–25; after Ulrich Salchow (1877–1949), Swedish figure skater, who first performed it
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What does Salchow mean?

A Salchow (pronounced SAL-cow) is a figure skating jump in which the skater jumps from the back inside edge of one skate, fully rotates (at least once) in the air, and lands on the back outside edge of the other skate. It is sometimes spelled uncapitalized, as salchow.

The jump can be performed with multiple rotations, resulting in a double Salchow (two rotations), triple Salchow (three rotations), or quad (or quadruple) Salchow (four rotations).

The Salchow is one of the six recognized jumps in competitive figure skating and is classified as an edge jump (along with the loop and axel; the toe loop, Lutz, and flip are classified as toe jumps).

Example: She had some trouble with the Salchow in warmups, which is unusual for her, but I expect her to nail it during the routine.

Where does Salchow come from?

The first records of the word Salchow come from the 1920s. It is named for Ulrich Salchow, a Swedish figure skater who first performed the jump.

Salchow was a legendary skater who won the first Olympic gold medal in men’s figure skating at the 1908 Olympics in London—as well as multiple world championships.

The figure skating jumps known as the axel and the Lutz are also named for famous figure skaters. The tradition of naming a move after the athlete who originated or popularized it is also common in gymnastics.

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What are some other forms related to Salchow?

  • salchow (uncapitalized spelling)

What are some words that share a root or word element with Salchow

  • double Salchow
  • triple Salchow
  • quad Salchow

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How is Salchow used in real life?

Figure skating fans are familiar with the Salchow as one of the six jumps in figure skating. The jump known as the axel is perhaps more well-known among casual spectators.


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The Salchow is named for Swedish figure skater Ulrich Salchow.

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British Dictionary definitions for Salchow

/ (ˈsɔːlkəʊ) /

a figure-skating jump made from the inner backward edge of one foot with one, two, or three full turns in the air, returning to the outer backward edge of the opposite foot

Word Origin for salchow

C20: named after Ulrich Salchow (1877–1949), Swedish figure skater, who originated it
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