[ suh-loo-bree-uhs ]
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  1. favorable to or promoting health; healthful: salubrious air.

Origin of salubrious

1540–50; from Latin salūbr(is) “promoting health” (akin to salūs “health”) + -ious

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See healthy.

Other words from salubrious

  • sa·lu·bri·ous·ly, adverb
  • sa·lu·bri·ous·ess, sa·lu·bri·ty [suh-loo-bri-tee], /səˈlu brɪ ti/, noun
  • non·sa·lu·bri·ous, adjective
  • non·sa·lu·bri·ous·ly, adverb
  • non·sa·lu·bri·ous·ness, noun
  • un·sa·lu·bri·ous, adjective
  • un·sa·lu·bri·ous·ly, adverb
  • un·sa·lu·bri·ous·ness, noun

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How to use salubrious in a sentence

  • At eight oclock, he calls again for the few hours of darkness, so that both day and night are tempered by his salubrious presence.

  • It is situated on a high hill, bounded by a large lake of the most salubrious water, called Peutla by the natives.

    The Indian in his Wigwam | Henry R. Schoolcraft
  • "It is levied on every one who chooses to export himself from these salubrious shores," I explained.

British Dictionary definitions for salubrious


/ (səˈluːbrɪəs) /

  1. conducive or favourable to health; wholesome

Origin of salubrious

C16: from Latin salūbris, from salūs health

Derived forms of salubrious

  • salubriously, adverb
  • salubriousness or salubrity (səˈluːbrɪtɪ), noun

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