[ suh-sah-nid, -san-id ]
/ səˈsɑ nɪd, -ˈsæn ɪd /

noun, plural Sas·sa·nids, Sas·sa·ni·dae [suh-sah-ni-dee, -san-i-] /səˈsɑ nɪˌdi, -ˈsæn ɪ-/.

a member of a dynasty that ruled in Persia a.d. 226–651.


of or relating to the Sassanids or their dynasty.
Also Sas·sa·ni·an [suh-sey-nee-uh n] /səˈseɪ ni ən/, Sas·sa·nide [sas-uh-nid] /ˈsæs ə nɪd/.

Origin of Sassanid

1770–80; Sassan grandfather of first king of dynasty + -id1 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ˈsæsənɪd) /

noun plural Sassanids or Sassanidae (sæˈsænɪˌdiː)

any member of the native dynasty that built and ruled an empire in Persia from 224 to 636 a.d
Derived FormsSassanian, adjective
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dynasty that ruled the Persian Empire 211-651 C.E., 1776, from Medieval Latin Sassanidæ (plural), from Sasan, grandfather of Ardashir I, who founded the dynasty.

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