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[ sav-ij-ree ]


, plural sav·age·ries.
  1. an uncivilized or barbaric state or condition; barbarity.
  2. savage action, nature, disposition, or behavior.


/ ˈsævɪdʒrɪ /


  1. an uncivilized condition
  2. a savage act or nature
  3. savages collectively

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Other Words From

  • pre·savage·ry noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of savagery1

First recorded in 1585–95; savage + -ry

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Example Sentences

These ideologies might be loosely held, and might be adopted to provide a gloss of significance to an act of pure, hateful savagery.

From Time

The rumors of inmate savagery, like all rumors, had a knack for sticking around.

But the Islamic State has clearly come to the opposite conclusion, cornering the market on savagery.

But as Assad fought back with effective savagery, Ankara turned to supporting a broader political and military opposition.

Nor is it the way the gunman manages not to spill a drop of the drink in his other hand as he commits all this savagery.

In two days of savagery, the 2nd SS Panzer Division “Das Reich” slaughtered nearly everyone in the town.

It is, in many ways, a forgotten genocide—odd when considering the unique savagery and cruelty of the perpetrators.

There are poets and writers who see naught in war but carrion, filth, savagery and horror.

I watched it, with every fiber of my being revolting against such savagery, and the need for it.

In short, the governmental system adopted is intended to raise the native progressively from savagery to municipal life.

Sylvan scenes, with a dash of human savagery in the foreground, form the best relief for a too-extended assimilation of books.

Nations in arms were gathering on the frontiers of France, and the savagery of the populace was let loose.


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