[ skab-ee ]
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adjective,scab·bi·er, scab·bi·est.
  1. covered with scabs; having many scabs.

  2. consisting of scabs.

  1. (of an animal or plant) having scab.

  2. Informal. mean or contemptible: a scabby trick.

Origin of scabby

First recorded in 1520–30; scab + -y1

Other words from scabby

  • scab·bi·ly, adverb
  • scab·bi·ness, noun

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How to use scabby in a sentence

  • One was barely alive, her tiny body almost furless, her skin scabby and inflamed, her tail a sparsity of filaments.

  • Or scabby, old, fake floral arrangements with more dust than petals.

    Gordon Ramsay: 7 Hotel Horrors! | Gordon Ramsay | August 9, 2012 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • The sheep get scabby from a microbe under the skin, which causes them to itch fearfully, and they lose their wool.

    Beautiful Joe | Marshall Saunders
  • When a man grows scabby, take him to the bath, give him a thorough cleaning, put clean clothes on him—and he will get well.

    Mother | Maksim Gorky
  • It was that scabby greenhorn who must have taken it into her head.

    Yekl | Abraham Cahan
  • In the whole fair there aren't more than four scabby rams and the Saint Joseph's ass.

    Under the Shadow of Etna | Giovanni Verga
  • It is mine,” quickly replied Rabbit, “and the little scabby heifer belongs to Elephant.

    My Dark Companions | Henry M. Stanley

British Dictionary definitions for scabby


/ (ˈskæbɪ) /

adjective-bier or -biest
  1. pathol having an area of the skin covered with scabs

  2. pathol obsolete having scabies

  1. informal despicable

Derived forms of scabby

  • scabbily, adverb
  • scabbiness, noun

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