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adjective, scant·er, scant·est.
  1. barely sufficient in amount or quantity; not abundant; almost inadequate: to do scant justice.
  2. limited; meager; not large: a scant amount.
  3. barely amounting to as much as indicated: a scant two hours; a scant cupful.
  4. having an inadequate or limited supply (usually followed by of): scant of breath.
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verb (used with object)
  1. to make scant; diminish.
  2. to stint the supply of; withhold.
  3. to treat slightly or inadequately.
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  1. Scot. and North England Dialect. scarcely; barely; hardly.
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Origin of scant

1325–75; Middle English (adj.) < Old Norse skamt, neuter of skammr short
Related formsscant·ly, adverbscant·ness, noun

Synonyms for scant

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Related Words for scantest

paltry, slight, scanty, sparse, insufficient, mere, skimpy, short, spare, skimp, bare, thin, scrimp, wanting, close, deficient, exiguous, failing, limited, little

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Contemporary Examples of scantest

Historical Examples of scantest

  • He had given merely the scantest news of his whereabouts and his well-being.

    Cape of Storms

    Percival Pollard

  • The portrait accompanying the volume gave us, alas, but the scantest satisfaction.

  • There is a kind of legend about the haughty, unbending chief, who treated all his followers with the scantest courtesy.


    Stephen Lucius Gwynn

  • The latter had perceived his daughter as she passed at a short distance, with scantest form of recognition.


    Ernest G. Henham

  • Clarisse squatted down on the big floor cushion, her skirt just touching her knees by the scantest rim.

    Jane Allen: Center

    Edith Bancroft

British Dictionary definitions for scantest


  1. scarcely sufficient; limitedhe paid her scant attention
  2. (prenominal) slightly short of the amount indicated; barea scant ten inches
  3. (postpositive foll by of) having a short supply (of)
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verb (tr)
  1. to limit in size or quantity
  2. to provide with a limited or inadequate supply of
  3. to treat in a slighting or inadequate manner
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  1. scarcely; barely
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Derived Formsscantly, adverbscantness, noun

Word Origin for scant

C14: from Old Norse skamt, from skammr /short; related to Old High German scam
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Word Origin and History for scantest



mid-14c., from a Scandinavian source (cf. Old Norse skamt, neuter of skammr "short, brief"), from Proto-Germanic *skamma- (cf. Old English scamm "short," Old High German skemmen "to shorten"), perhaps ultimately "hornless," from PIE *kem- (see hind (n.)). Also in Middle English as a noun, "scant supply, scarcity," from Old Norse. As a verb and adverb from mid-15c.

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