[ skli-roh-sis ]

noun,plural scle·ro·ses [skli-roh-seez]. /sklɪˈroʊ siz/.
  1. Pathology. a hardening or induration of a tissue or part, or an increase of connective tissue or the like at the expense of more active tissue.

  2. Botany. a hardening of a tissue or cell wall by thickening or lignification.

Origin of sclerosis

1350–1400; Middle English <Medieval Latin <Greek sklḗrōsis hardening. See scler-, -osis

Other words from sclerosis

  • scle·ro·sal, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for sclerosis


/ (sklɪəˈrəʊsɪs) /

nounplural -ses (-siːz)
  1. pathol a hardening or thickening of organs, tissues, or vessels from chronic inflammation, abnormal growth of fibrous tissue, or degeneration of the myelin sheath of nerve fibres, or (esp on the inner walls of arteries) deposition of fatty plaques: Compare arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis

  2. the hardening of a plant cell wall or tissue by the deposition of lignin

  1. a debilitating lack of progress or innovation within an institution or organization

Origin of sclerosis

C14: via Medieval Latin from Greek sklērōsis a hardening

Derived forms of sclerosis

  • sclerosal, adjective

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