[ skroo-bawl ]
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  1. Slang. an eccentric or irrational person; a nut: When the FBI first looked into him, they thought he was a harmless screwball.

  2. Baseball. a pitched ball that curves toward the side of the plate from which it was thrown, in a trajectory opposite to that of a curve ball: Has the once popular screwball vanished completely from the major leagues?

  1. Slang. eccentric or irrational; nutty: What a screwball idea!

Origin of screwball

First recorded in 1865–70; in 1935–40 for def. 2; screw + ball1

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/ (ˈskruːˌbɔːl) slang, mainly US and Canadian /

  1. an odd or eccentric person

  1. odd; zany; eccentric

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