[ zdeth ]

  1. (used as a mild oath).

Origin of 'sdeath

Euphemistic shortening of God's death;see 's3

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How to use 'sdeath in a sentence

  • And the coming easiness of the young one—'Sdeath, 'tis pity to deceive her.

    The Beaux-Stratagem | George Farquhar
  • But to go out amongst the mere herd, without a motive, pleasure, or pursuit—'sdeath!

  • That's all Fighting Attie's palaver; and, 'Sdeath, it has a wonderful way of coming to the point!

    Paul Clifford, Complete | Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  • Pr'ythee no more hints of poverty: 'tis scandalous; 'sdeath, I would as soon choose to hear a soldier brag as complain.

    Thomas Otway | Thomas Otway
  • To triumph would have been no glory; and to have been defeated—'sdeath!