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[ see-fair-er ]


  1. a sailor.
  2. a traveler on the sea.


/ ˈsiːˌfɛərə /


  1. a traveller who goes by sea
  2. See sailor
    a less common word for sailor

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Word History and Origins

Origin of seafarer1

First recorded in 1505–15; sea + fare ( def ) + -er 1( def )

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Example Sentences

During the pandemic, seafarers have become the world’s forgotten essential workers.

From Quartz

Maersk, Hanley said, has started paying its sailors bonuses to compensate them for remaining aboard ship at all times, even in ports that allow seafarers limited shore leave.

The United Nations called for the world’s governments to designate seafarers and other marine personnel as “key workers” during the pandemic.

She has picked up prescriptions for a seafarer who ran out of vital medication after his contract was extended.

Though sectors as diverse as vehicle manufacture and agriculture are reliant on maritime trade, seafarers are too few — and distant — to garner much attention.

Who in Britain or Western Europe or America now knows a working seafarer?

The most common seafarer you will see, should you look, will be Asian and exhausted.

You could be a generalist—a poet/mollusk scientist/seafarer/surgeon.

From the most ancient times they have been the friends of the seafarer!

He found the man Rait, a big, clumsy seafarer, and questioned him.

The morning was growing hot, and the good seafarer in the seat beside our friend seemed to grow very uncomfortable.

He was the captain of Raleigh's flagship, the Destiny, an old seafarer, who in twenty years had lived a century of adventure.

Not only the terms of expression, but a distinct reference to a former voyage, indicated the writer to have been a seafarer.


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