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[ sek-uhnd-hand ]


  1. not directly known or experienced; obtained from others or from books:

    Most of our knowledge is secondhand.

  2. previously used or owned:

    secondhand clothes.

  3. dealing in previously used goods:

    a secondhand bookseller.


  1. after another user or owner:

    He bought it secondhand.

  2. indirectly; at second hand:

    He heard the news secondhand.

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Other Words From

  • second·handed·ness noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of secondhand1

First recorded in 1645–55; second 1 + hand
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Example Sentences

Online marketplace for secondhand luxury goods Poshmark, pet supply retailer Petco Animal Supplies, mobile game developer Playtika and auto service and supply company Driven Brands Holdings are all on deck to go public.

From Fortune

These services are particularly popular in China’s maturing secondhand luxury market.

From Ozy

Buying secondhand clothing could provide consumers a way to push back against the fast-fashion system.

Research shows that journaling about both negative and positive emotions can ward off secondhand stress and improve mental health.

Lechman said she too initially heard about her clients’ sicknesses secondhand – through family members or other attorneys with clients in the same housing units.

The last film most people probably remember of his was the underwhelming sexagenarian comedy Secondhand Lions back in 2003.

“I think if anybody saw real fame first or secondhand, they would not want to pursue it at all,” says a somber Culkin.

But recently—more than three decades after my initial reading—I picked up a secondhand copy of the out-of-print book.

Gordon picked up a pair secondhand and began to stencil then onto blank canvases with spray paint.

However studies have found dangerous compounds like benzene and formaldehyde in inhaled or secondhand vapor.

However, at secondhand, the details very shortly reached him.

A secondhand copy would be interesting not only for its material but for the price it would fetch.

Then there is a large, more or less cultured, public that know something of the science at secondhand through books.

It has already been pointed out that language is a means through which we can get experience secondhand.

Very good furniture can sometimes be obtained secondhand, but one must be on their guard against "bargains" that are worthless.





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