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[ see-kruh-see ]


, plural se·cre·cies
  1. the state or condition of being secret, hidden, or concealed:

    a meeting held in secrecy.

    Synonyms: covertness, confidentiality, stealth, privacy

  2. the state of being apart from other people; privacy; seclusion.
  3. ability to keep a secret.
  4. the habit or characteristic of being secretive; reticence.
  5. Archaic. something that is secret or mysterious:

    the secrecies of nature.


/ ˈsiːkrɪsɪ /


  1. the state or quality of being secret
  2. the state of keeping something secret
  3. the ability or tendency to keep things secret

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Other Words From

  • anti·secre·cy adjective
  • non·secre·cy noun plural nonsecrecies
  • pro·secre·cy adjective
  • semi·secre·cy noun
  • super·secre·cy noun plural supersecrecies

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Word History and Origins

Origin of secrecy1

1375–1425; obsolete secre (< Middle French secré secret ) + -cy; replacing late Middle English secretee, equivalent to secre + -tee -ty 2

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Example Sentences

The infusions, Hart writes in the Times story, were consistent with “a culture of coercion, secrecy and possible medical malpractice in the Oregon Project.”

Arise and most of its corporate clients consider preserving the secrecy of this arrangement to be vital.

Palantir began trading Wednesday as a public company, ending a 17-year tradition of secrecy surrounding the software business co-founded by Peter Thiel.

From Fortune

Crump added that the juror accused Cameron of “hiding behind secrecy requirements while misleading the public about what evidence the grand jury actually saw.”

At issue is the use of “secrecy envelopes,” which are designed to protect the privacy of the voter.

Some secrets, it seems, must be kept even from elected representatives who could still be sworn to secrecy.

The FSLN-controlled legislative assembly approved the mega-project under a cloud of secrecy in a record seven days.

To date, much of the details of the diplomacy and even the interim deal between Iran and the West are shrouded in secrecy.

But the secrecy and fear surrounding the once-successful quarantine has now put the region in even greater danger.

So more than half of this outside money is now spread around behind either partial or total secrecy.

Their sin began on Holy Thursday, with so little secrecy and so bad an example, that the affair was beginning to leak out.

He has evidently some prodigious secret, which he is determined to envelope in still deeper secrecy.

They are all sworn to the closest secrecy; have been told that our lives depend upon their discretion.

The mental block remained firm and he succeeded in carrying on actual preparations for his departure in complete secrecy.

That evening Grace swore her room-mate to eternal secrecy, and then showed her the book.