[ see-der ]

  1. a person or thing that seeds.

  2. any of various apparatus for sowing seeds in the ground, ranging from simple devices that deposit seed evenly over a plot of land to complex machines that prepare a hole in the earth, insert a seed or seeds at the proper depth, and cover the hole again.

  1. a plant that produces many seeds, especially one grown mainly to produce seeds for growing other plants.

  2. a device or utensil for removing seeds, as from grapefruit.

  3. a device used to scatter particles of silver iodide, carbon dioxide, etc., in clouds to induce precipitation.

Origin of seeder

before 950; Middle English sedere,Old English sǣdere.See seed, -er1

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How to use seeder in a sentence

  • Raw soil, rent by the harrows and seamed by the seeder, and creeping bands of stock, were tokens of the downfall of the old rgime.

    The Cattle-Baron's Daughter | Harold Bindloss

British Dictionary definitions for seeder


/ (ˈsiːdə) /

  1. a person or thing that seeds

  2. a device used to remove seeds, as from fruit, etc

  1. any of various devices for sowing grass seed or grain on the surface of the ground

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