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  1. taken hold, possession, or control of, as by force or legal authority; confiscated, captured, or appropriated:

    Police say the seized property includes knives, computer equipment, a balaclava, and military clothing.

    Settlers were observed planting olive trees on illegally seized land.

  2. (of an opportunity) taken advantage of promptly:

    Everything that Mom and I had accomplished was rooted firmly in the soil of hard work and seized opportunities.

  3. (of moving parts) locked or jammed, as from excessive friction (often followed by up ):

    I gladly pay top dollar for lubricants and fluids, because I know it's far more expensive to have to rebuild a seized engine!

  4. having ceased to function; having come to a halt (often followed by up ):

    Businesses need to access credit lines to function, but now the credit market is totally seized up.

  5. fully understood; mentally grasped:

    People who need cognitive closure will absorb a statement early in the process of acquiring knowledge, "freeze" on that seized idea, and resist further information.

  6. (of melted chocolate) grainy and clumpy from overheating or from contact with a small amount of moisture:

    To reverse the reaction, add more liquid, but just enough to dissolve most of the sugar and cocoa particles in the seized chocolate clumps.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of seize.

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  • un·seized adjective

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Example Sentences

Others may seize on a crisis, innovating quickly and successfully under pressure in ways that propel growth over the long term.

From Fortune

It’s on Page 24 that Winspear tells us about the lifelong fears that first seized her in childhood.

At one point, he seized on the water leak in Atlanta as evidence of something sinister.

On the first run, 1717B seized and spun and put the blocks in the wrong spot.

That means the next mayor could be someone who seizes a relatively small percentage of the vote.

Historically, conquering armies have seized inhabitants of conquered areas and enslaved them.

MIAMI — Fidel Castro seized power in January 1959 after waging a guerilla war against then-dictator Fulgencio Batista.

The seizures were the first time SIGAR investigators seized funds held in an Afghan bank.

Authorities have seized more than $250 million in assets from businesses across Rome.

How a small London design group seized the moment and brought avant-garde art to classic rock.

At this same time they seized in Nangasaqui a servant of the father provincial, Matheo Couros, who was washing his clothes.

I seized the opportunity to watch what I supposed would be a most interesting interview, from behind a curtain.

All the Italian merchants in the realm of France, called money lenders, seized by order of Philip the fair, for their ransoms.

The occasion should be seized also to increase the balances of depositors who carry unprofitable accounts.

They also seized the lake gunboats, took an entire Spanish garrison prisoner, and captured a large quantity of stores.


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