[ri-fahyn-muh nt]
  1. fineness or elegance of feeling, taste, manners, language, etc.
  2. an instance of refined feeling, manners, etc.
  3. the act or process of refining.
  4. the quality or state of being refined.
  5. a subtle point or distinction.
  6. subtle reasoning.
  7. an improved, higher, or extreme form of something: a refinement of the old system.
  8. Mathematics. a set whose elements include the elements of a given set.

Origin of refinement

First recorded in 1605–15; refine + -ment
Related formsnon·re·fine·ment, nounpre·re·fine·ment, nounself-re·fine·ment, nounsu·per·re·fine·ment, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

British Dictionary definitions for self-refinement


  1. the act of refining or the state of being refined
  2. a fine or delicate point, distinction, or expression; a subtlety
  3. fineness or precision of thought, expression, manners, etc; polish or cultivation
  4. a device, change, adaptation, etc, designed to improve performance or increase efficiency
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Word Origin and History for self-refinement



1610s, "act or process of refining; state of being pure," from refine + -ment. Meaning "fineness of feeling" is from 1708.

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