[ si-man-tik-lee ]

  1. in a way that relates to the different meanings of words or other signs or symbols:Humans have developed languages that are semantically rich and can cope easily with philosophical concepts.

  2. in a way that deliberately takes advantage of the connotations or associations attached to certain words:He deals with this bombing campaign semantically by saying it is “not a war” since there are “no hostile troops on the ground.”

Origin of semantically


Other words from semantically

  • non·se·man·ti·cal·ly, adverb
  • pseu·do·se·man·ti·cal·ly, adverb

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How to use semantically in a sentence

  • All the best catch phrases, the semantically-loaded promises, the advertising appropriations being used by his opponent.

    Progress Report | Mark Clifton
  • The you-me routine simply bewildered them, as we'd be at a set of semantically lucid but self-contradictory statements.

    Naudsonce | H. Beam Piper