[ seyn-yuh-ree-tuh, seen-; Spanish se-nyaw-ree-tah ]

noun,plural se·ño·ri·tas [seyn-yuh-ree-tuhz, seen-; Spanish se-nyaw-ree-tahs]. /ˌseɪn yəˈri təz, ˌsin-; Spanish sɛ nyɔˈri tɑs/.
  1. a Spanish term of address equivalent to miss, used alone or capitalized and prefixed to the name of a girl or unmarried woman. Abbreviation: Srta.

  2. a cigar-shaped wrasse, Oxyjulis californica, found off the coast of California, olive brown above shading to creamy white below.

Origin of señorita

1815–25, Americanism;<Spanish, diminutive of señora

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How to use señorita in a sentence

  • Is it not true that in your country any married woman shall duenna the young senorita?

  • I'm veer sorry, Senorita, but the Americans will not let you through the gates.

    Hookers | Richard F. Mann
  • "Si, Senorita—right this way," he led her over to the phone booth in the corner.

    Hookers | Richard F. Mann
  • The Senorita Windham had granted him a dance despite her brother's scowling disapproval.

    Port O' Gold | Louis John Stellman
  • To the Senorita Inez he had spoken of his claim upon the Windham rancho through her brother's note won on the gambling table.

    Port O' Gold | Louis John Stellman

British Dictionary definitions for señorita


/ (ˌsɛnjɔːˈriːtə, Spanish seɲoˈrita) /

nounplural -tas (-təz, Spanish -tas)
  1. an unmarried Spanish or Spanish-speaking woman: a title of address equivalent to Miss when placed before a name or madam or miss when used alone

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