[ si-kwes-truhm ]
/ sɪˈkwɛs trəm /
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noun, plural se·ques·tra [si-kwes-truh]. /sɪˈkwɛs trə/. Pathology.
a fragment of bone that has become necrotic as a result of disease or injury and has separated from the normal bone structure.
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Origin of sequestrum

1825–35; <New Latin; Medieval Latin: sequestrated property, derivative of Latin sequester;see sequester


se·ques·tral, adjective
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What is a sequestrum?

A sequestrum is a fragment of dead bone or other tissue that has separated from healthy tissue as a result of injury or disease.

The proper plural of sequestrum is sequestra.

Sequestra often end up in a wound or abscess (a collection of pus). The surgical procedure involving the removal of a sequestrum is called a sequestrectomy.

Sequestra can occur in many different areas of the body, such as the arms, legs, feet, spine, and hips.

Example: The sequestrum is a bone fragment that was apparently chipped during a particularly forceful high-five.

Where does sequestrum come from?

The first records of the word sequestrum come from the 1800s. It comes from a Latin term meaning “something separated.”

Bits of bone or tissue that have separated from healthy tissue, such as through injury, are often described as necrotic, meaning that that portion of it is dead. Such sequestra can cause problems, including preventing proper healing of the affected area. They can sometimes be treated with medicine, but they often need to be removed through a sequestrectomy.

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How is sequestrum used in real life?

Sequestrum is a technical medical term.



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Which of the following things is most likely to be considered a sequestrum?

A. appendix
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British Dictionary definitions for sequestrum

/ (sɪˈkwɛstrəm) /

noun plural -tra (-trə)
pathol a detached piece of necrotic bone that often migrates to a wound, abscess, etcSee sequester

Derived forms of sequestrum

sequestral, adjective

Word Origin for sequestrum

C19: from New Latin, from Latin: something deposited;
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